Comprehensive Clinical exams

The team at AZV have thorough clinical examination protocols and diagnostic testing in place to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment plans for all abnormalities and underlying issues.

Preventative care 

AZV strives to strengthen the belief that prevention is better than cure. Preventative care is, therefore, pivotal to the overall wellbeing of your pet. Both puppy and kitten vaccinations and yearly wellness examinations are done to ensure your pet maintains immunity and remains in optimal health. Refer to Puppy and Kitty Programmes

Hospitalisations, Emergency and High Care

AZV is fully equipped to handle any emergency, medical, surgical, and high-care cases that come through their door. When your pet is hospitalised at AZV, you can be assured of constant care and monitoring in an intensive care ward fully equipped to handle all emergencies. Dr Saimen also has more than 17 years of experience dealing with various conditions ranging from Motor vehicle accidents to Skin grafts.

Anaesthesia and Patient Monitoring

Anaesthesia is an intricate operation involving sedation and pain management for animals during surgical procedures and diagnostic tests. AZV ensures that this operation runs smoothly by using the innovative Humphrey ADE- circle anaesthetic system, highly trained anaesthetic staff and advanced anaesthetic monitoring equipment.

Surgical Services

Animal Zone is equipped with a fully functional theatre and preparation room, delivering superior competency in all surgery facets. Surgical services include the following:

  • Routine sterilisations
  • Wound management
  • General Abdominal Surgery
  • Basic Thoracic surgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecological intervention
  • Skin reconstruction including skin grafting
  • Ocular surgery
  • Cardiothoracic surgery



Animal Zone offer in-house diagnostic testing that can assist in the diagnosis of many diseases. These include:

  • Full Blood count with smears
  • Kidney Profiling
  • Liver Profiling
  • Faecal Examinations                                                          
  • Urinalysis
  • Full skin Analysis
  • Chemistry Profiling
  • Yeast and Bacterial cultures with Antibiograms

Endoscopic Services

Endoscopy is a specialised procedure used in veterinary medicine to visualise inside the body. Utilising the digital Ekuore endoscope AZV can examine and biopsy internal structures through oral and rectal means to capture images and videos for the early detection of diseases.

Otoscopic Services

Otoscopy involves utilising a specialised video camera to examine the external auditory canal and eardrum in a non-invasive manner. This is a very effective method of capturing both images and videos to detect disease and abnormalities. The Otoscopic Ekuore system used at AZV is very effective in foreign body detection without exposure to X- Rays. It also has been used frequently for the closer inspection of skin lesions.

Digital Electrocardiograph Services

Electrocardiography [ECG] monitors the heart’s electrical activity using electrodes attached to the chest’s skin. AZVs digital ECG allows for technologically advanced monitoring and recording of cardiac activity, capable of performing a full cardiac workup and digitalising the electrocardiogram that can be sent to clients via a mobile phone. The portable ease of operation of this system has been found to reduce the stress of patients significantly.

Digital Stethoscope

Revolutionary technology allowing for improved diagnostic ability. It is an innovative tool used by AZV to listen to heart sounds, lung sounds, abdominal movements and sensitive enough to listen to foetal heartbeats of pregnant patients.

Dental Care

Many health issues are a result of dental problems. Therefore, yearly dental check-ups must be done to protect against dental and gum disease and ensure your pets’ overall well-being is maintained. Using sophisticated technology including, a Piezo Ultrasonic Dental Scaler and Polisher, the team at AZV provide comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages.

  • General Dentistry – preventative care including cleaning and polishing and extraction
  • Specialized Dentistry– Including root canal, implants and surgical correction of complicated tooth fractures.


Animal Zone Vet has a fully stocked pharmacy. They can make up specific medication according to your pet’s conditions, weight, breed, and age via their relationships with various compounding pharmacies. AZV also constantly researches new medicines, always ensuring the most effective and affordable drugs are available to their clients.

Nutritional Consultations

It is important to understand that diets differ based on age, breed, and patient medical conditions. More recently, financial considerations also play a major role in the food selected. AZV is proud to have an in house, fully trained nutritional consultant to help clients determine the most appropriate patient-specific feeding options that are in the best interest of your pet. Services include:

  • Customised dietary recommendations for pets with or without medical conditions 
  • Nutritional assessment/brand selection assistance
  • Customised recipes that meet medical needs using common human foods
  • Weight management Plans for obese patients
  • Critical care nutrition including parenteral nutrition

X-Ray Facility

Useful diagnostic tool available for specific conditions.


Microchipping is an efficient manner in which to identify your pet permanently. It involves placing a microchip (the size of a grain of rice) under the skin of your pet. Each grain has a unique 10-15 digit code linked to the owner’s details and only readable by other veterinarians if your pet is lost. This process can be done in house, within seconds, pain-free and without sedation.


Welcome to our online consultation room. Animal Zone Veterinary hospital has introduced an accessible and innovative veterinary telemedicine platform that is not only seamless but convenient for both pets and owners. You can video chat with our in house veterinarian to get real time  advice in the comfort of your own home for NON EMERGENCY CASES ONLY.

Services include:

  • Advice on nutrition,
  • Vaccination protocols,
  • Ant parasitic protocols,
  • Behavioral Consultation,
  • Basic Skin Conditions and
  • General Pet Advice

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