Skin graft

Punk, a middle-aged domestic shorthair cat presented with a total avulsive laceration of the hindlimbs. He had a total loss of skin, muscle, tendons and ligaments of the area. Without excess skin to close the wound, Dr Saimen performed 2 skin grafts to the area to assist skin closure and total healing.

MLS Laser Therapy

Jessica a young Sharpei presented with severe motor vehicle accident induced injuries. She sustained a total tibial fracture on one limb and an avulsion wound over the other hindlimb.  This meant Jessica could not use both hindlimbs. The tibial fracture was treated surgically and both limbs were treated with MLS Laser Therapy alone until healing and complete recovery.


Milo a Daschund presented in a clinical state. After several diagnostic tests, Milo was diagnosed with acute Pancreatitis causing Diabetes Mellitus. Milo was successfully stabilised using insulin and is currently a well-controlled Diabetic patient living a happy and full life.

Oncology Case

Aussie a domestic shorthair cat presented ulceration of the nose. He was then diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma after a biopsy. Aussie was treated surgically as that was the best available option to remove cancer.

Artificial Insemination

Certain breeds of dogs can not mate and breed successfully without veterinary assistance. One such breed is the French Bulldog. Artificial Insemination was therefore required to ensure that Lola a female French Bulldog could successfully breed and whelp by means of a planned caesarean section.

Ear surgery

Billy a Crossbreed dog was involved in a traumatic dog fight. His ear was ripped almost completely off. His owner assumed he would lose his ear, but due to careful planning and reconstructive surgery, Billy’s ear was sutured back to its original shape without any loss of tissue.



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